Maximize deployment life, minimize maintenance providing traceable data you can trust

NEW! HYDROLAB® HL7 Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde

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HYDROLAB water quality instruments and software help environmental scientists and managers monitor the increasingly important changes in our water resources by providing continuous water quality data, reliability, and usability you can trust.

The new HL7 multiparameter sonde maximizes deployment life, minimizes maintenance, and provides unmatched ease of use producing comprehensive and valuable data sets supported by metadata.

HYDROLAB sondes include intuitive software for unmatched usability, exceptional power performance and proven sensor options, all delivering high data quality and reliability.

HL Sensors 

Sensor options: Temperature, Conductivity, pH/ORP, Hach LDO (Luminescent dissolved oxygen), Turbidity, Depth, Chlorophyll a, Blue green algae, Rhodamine, Ammonium (Ion Selective Electrode)* ,  Nitrate (Ion Selective Electrode)* ,  Chloride (Ion Selective Electrode)* , Total Dissolved Gas* 

Proven sensor technology

* Coming Soon 

HL4 Video

HL Series Brochure

HL7 Video

  • Lake and Reservoir profiling 
  • River and Stream surveys 
  • Coastal monitoring 
  • Groundwater studies
  • Wetland management 
  • Harbor and Port investigations 
  • Aquaculture protection  
  • Dredging management
  • Effluent discharge regulation
  • Agricultural run-off 
  • Ecosystem assessment programs

Water Quality Monitoring Instruments for:

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